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Every project is unique.

That’s why what works for your competitors may not work for you. Our team has a lot of experience when it comes to marketing challenges. We know that each client needs an individual approach and make sure to find the best-suited strategy every time. In order to offer the best solutions, we always carefully analyze a project first.

A go-to-market strategy is a plan that allows you to launch a new product or service. It helps to optimize this process and narrows your focus on achieving your goals with early-stage marketing tools.

We will create a GTM strategy that has several benefits for you besides assisting in the launch. It will also help to review
and clarify your project’s mission, understand the market better, 
reduce marketing costs and time to launch a product, 
and increase the growth potential for your brand.

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Who are Our Clients

We have experience with exchanges, crypto-acquiring services, in-game marketplaces, etc. Our experts know the crypto and Web3 industry inside-out. Generis will be a perfect fit if your project is a part of:

And many other related areas!
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Stages of Our Work

After you contact us, we start our regular process of analyzing your project and selecting the best cryptocurrency marketing strategy. After it’s done, we implement the crypto marketing plan and take care of all its aspects: from visuals and texts to posting, monitoring, and improving the plan.

We've gone through these steps many times when launching our own products and our clients’ products. Generis' experience in promoting blockchain projects will help you save marketing costs and achieve greater business results.


Our experts conduct research on the market category: we define its current mood, potential obstacles, and what qualities it wants to see in a product right now. After that, we look at competitors and analyze their strengths and weaknesses, 
and help you figure out how you can stand out from the crowd. Last but not least, we work with the audience to determine their needs, motivators, and barriers. This allows us to understand, what work should be done on your project.

Creating a strategy and ToV

We prepare the basis for communications and correct the positioning of your project if necessary. Then,
we determine the most effective ways to convey 
your position and values through communication. To make sure you speak with your audience the right way, we take care of the Tone of Voice.

Defining Key Messages

Using the results of our analysis, we create the key messages for your project. It can be important points, insights, or associations that will stay in your audience’s memory for a long time.

Selecting Communication Channels

With the information gathered during the previous stages, we identify the communication channels that would work best for the selected crypto advertising strategy.

Developing the Visual Identity

At this point, we create visual elements of brand identity to strengthen your project and support the Tone of Voice.

Delivering the Results

The right start is the key to success. After completing all GTM stages, you will be ready to move on to the next stages of your project’s development. And the right start will help you save a lot of time and money in the next stages.

Work with Generis

Benefits of Generis

Our team of creative and result-driven professionals has worked in this field for more than five years. We have cooperated with big and small projects, startups, and even top Web3 platforms. With lots of successful cases and over 180 hours of qualitative project studies behind us, we know exactly how to nudge your marketing in the right direction.

Reduced operating load

Our well-coordinated outsourced team is always there for you. We will do all the tasks, while you can take a break from the things that slow you down.

Quality services

We will form an ideological and visual basis, create a positive reputation, and make sure that your crypto community management is top-notch.

Promotion through marketing

If you need more than community management in crypto, we can also provide other marketing services. We will support your project with image-building activities and lead generation, reach your target audience with the help of media coverage, etc.


Here’s what our clients are saying about our work:
P2P platform for cryptocurrency trading
Advertising on Telegram
Guerrilla marketing
Activities in collaboration with influencers
Contextual ads and lead generation

Our cooperation with Generis was very fruitful. The results we received are mindblowing — +32% to trading volume and +44% of active users! The team offered a lot of interesting ideas and creative solutions. We were very happy with their work. Everything was done in time with proper quality. Thank you, Generis, for all the help!

active users
trading volume
NDA decentralized crypto exchange
Community Management
Influencer marketing

Always the best results! Generis covers all of our marketing needs: research, branding, end-to-end analytics etc. Generis brought 15k+ new users which is mind blowing for a DEX. We also reduced the cost of contextual advertising leads by 5 times with them. Generis did a tremendous job!

new active users
lowered the cost of leads from PPC
increased the trading volume
Virtual in-game marketplace

Generis was perfect for our brand new platform. All we knew was the fact that our market is very competitive, so it was amazing to find Generis. The team is highly-professional. They used their experience and skills in our branding, lead generation & influencer marketing. Thanks to the partnership, our trading volume grew by 4 times.

platform revenue
number of users
trading volume
NDA crypto exchange
Marketing for Retrodrop
Quest launch
Community management

Successful and pleasant partnership We have an in-house marketing team and we know what to expect and ask for. Our partnership with generis was very smooth, they stayed in touch 24/7 and made sure everything went as planned. Even the tight deadlines weren't a problem. Our team looks forward to working again.

of the KPI plan
Crypto acquiring service (NDA)
Go-To-Market Strategy

The team helped our project with b2b/b2c After finding the right strategy, we saw the results very early on. Generis did out PR, SEO, lead generation and helped us create educational materials for customers. Not everyone was ready to switch to crypto but we changed their mind! Our cooperation resulted in 5x in the number of clients. We will continue our joint work.

brand audience reach
number of clients
Ruslan Panchak
COO, WhiteList Zone
Go-To-Market Strategy

Generis left only a positive impression! Their experts know what they are doing. They deliver the best results and have no issues with communicating their plans and ideas. We had many opportunities to discuss their work personally and online. Generis displayed their high professional level. Great job and results!

Serg RSM
CEO, RSM-studio

The team helped us significantly improve the customer flow and always did the best they could. Generis never missed a deadline. We had lots of online meetings to ensure that we were on the same page. Overall, we had a very nice experience with Generis.

John Seltic
Software & Mobile Developer, GZ Studio

Our client was impressed with the level of professionalism of Generis. They created a strategy and offered new and fresh ideas. With the help of the agency, the project managed to hit the target order volume. Generis did their job timely and demonstrated great results.

Alexander Seiko
E Soft Standart

With Generis, we had no problems finding quality clients and workers for the project. We were always in touch with the team, who managed to cover all the needs, offered many creative ideas, and made sure that everything was going according to the workflow. Everything was done accurately and on time.

Job Title at NDA

Nice and professional team! Over a year of joint work - we are impressed! With Generis we keep the engagement up and the quality of leads continues to rise! Great to have a team with so much experience in our niche. We will continue to work with Generis!

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Max %%Zenin%%
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What is GTM – go-to-market strategy?

The go-to-market strategy (or GTM) is a plan that allows you to launch a new product or service. It helps to optimize this process and narrows your focus on achieving your goals with early-stage marketing tools.

GTM crypto marketing strategy has several benefits besides assisting the launch of a new product. It also helps to review and clarify your project’s mission, understand the market better, reduce marketing costs and time to launch a product, and increase growth potential for your brand.

The Generis team can help you create a go-to-market strategy and successfully implement it.

How much does a go-to-market strategy cost?

As each business is different, in order to give you the exact price for our services, we need to analyze your project first. However, we guarantee that we are always offering you only the services you need and not adding any unnecessary fees. 

When we calculate the budget, our team analyzes your project’s state and the goals you are setting. What else can influence the price?

Project’s niche 

Objectives and KPIs

Platforms (crypto and socials)

Types of publications and their frequency

Whether you need 

The Generis team’s primary goal is to maintain the interest of real clients who use your products and services with the right cryptocurrency marketing plan. We care about the quality of your marketing and the people who interact with it. With our experience, there’s no problem with achieving this result.

Why should you choose Generis for your marketing needs?

Thanks to the professionalism of the team and experience with various Web3 projects, Generis is a great agency for projects looking to reach their target audience and achieve their marketing goals. Here’s what makes Generis different from its competitors:

Well-coordinated work of the professional team. We know the crypto and Web3 market from the inside. We are experts at selecting the right influencers to work with, developing effective marketing campaigns, communicating with audiences, tracking results to ensure your success, and creating marketing plans for cryptocurrency projects. Our team completes tasks within deadlines and is always big on quality. 

A curated network of more than 10,000 top-tier influencers. Among the services we offer, there is an option of influencer marketing. We cooperate with influencers on different platforms, including Instagram, Telegram, YouTube, TikTok, and X. We always carefully select influencers and make sure that they align with your project’s values and target audience, thus ensuring that the campaign reaches the right audience. 

Planning and doing. We not only carefully create well-thought-out crypto marketing strategies tailored to your goals, but also do all the work for you. Meanwhile, you can take care of the things that are important to your project. 

Transparency. We are open about our pricing and processes. At the beginning of cooperation, we analyze your project and offer you only the services we think are necessary. When we start working together, our team compiles regular reports with all the stats and the results of the blockchain marketing strategy, so you always know what your money go to. 

Fair price. We offer a variety of pricing options to fit our clients’ budget. We discuss our cryptocurrency marketing plan beforehand and provide the best value for your money.

Why should I order marketing services from your agency and not from an outsourced specialist?

Our team consists of experts who know what they are doing. We have been working together for a long time, so we always do everything in time and at the highest quality. The communication within the team and with our clients is clear, and all our processes are well-established. With Generis, you can take care of the things that are really important to you, while we do the work for you. A freelancer will indeed cost less, but this is not something you should skimp on if you want to build a successful project.

Do you provide reports on the work you’ve done?

Yes, we regularly provide reports on the work we’ve done and the results we achieved. We also constantly monitor the statistics and promptly introduce changes if necessary. With us, you won’t just observe regular posting and communication with the community; we will make sure that your audience is active, engaged, and helps to move your project forward.

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