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Why Should You Choose the Generis Crypto Community Management Agency?

We are more than just a marketing agency. We are a team 
of experienced professionals focused specifically on crypto projects. Our specialists have worked in this field for more than 5 years and know all the ins and outs of the industry. 

Our team knows everything about crypto and blockchain community management, as we have dealt with a plethora of big and small clients from all over the world. We will help you build and maintain a community across different channels to move your project forward.

With Generis, you get:

We have certain rules when it comes to working with projects. For example, we never overcharge them for the services they don’t need. Generis always provides a personalized strategy based on a project’s stats as well as constant reports on the results. Clients know exactly what is going on and what adjustments are made.


38 professionals will be delivering the best crypto community management services for your project. We understand how important it is and make sure to do all the work while you run the business.


We know exactly what to do to get you on top of the crypto game. Don’t worry; we will discuss all the plans and KPIs together, and you will receive the results you want according to the strategy.

Сrypto Сommunity Management Services Clients

We have worked with many big and small projects from around the world: crypto exchanges, crypto acquiring services, skins trading platforms, etc. Depending on goals and needs, projects might require different strategies and approaches. Our team is well-prepared for any type of challenge. Whether you have a startup or an established business you want to improve, we are here to help. Especially if it’s:

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Community Management

Our experts will use the best practices to engage people and attract attention to your project. We can do everything: build a strategy, hit the KPIs, moderate channels 24/7, and report on the results. Even if we need to start from scratch!

Stages of Crypto Community Management


Determining the right strategy is a crucial step when it comes to any crypto community moderation agency’s services. We analyze your project’s current status, deep dive into your goals and needs, and discuss everything with you. Every project is unique, 
so there is no one-fits-all approach.

Content creation and curation

If your project requires it, we can create and post all the necessary content, including announcements, posts, articles, news, guides, quizzes, etc. 
We produce high-quality texts and designs that fit your Tone of Voice and branding.


We will attract new followers, work on keeping the engagement up, answer questions, and resolve any possible issues. Your audience will feel heard and united, and your project will receive the recognition it needs.

Event planning and execution

Our professionals know how to keep everyone’s eyes on your project. We will develop events and activities that can bring the best results and bring them to life.


We believe that our clients should always be in the loop of what is going on. That is why we constantly check the analytics and report any changes. After that, we adjust the strategy if needed.

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Benefits of the Generis Community Moderation Agency

Reduced operating load

Our well-coordinated outsourced team is always there for you. We will do all the tasks, while you can take a break from the things that slow you down.

Quality services

We will form an ideological and visual basis, create a positive reputation, and make sure that your crypto community management is top-notch.

Promotion through marketing

If you need more than community management in crypto, we can also provide other marketing services. We will support your project with image-building activities and lead generation, reach your target audience with the help of media coverage, etc.

Reviews of Our Blockchain Community Management Services

Here’s what our clients are saying about our work:
P2P platform for cryptocurrency trading
Advertising on Telegram
Guerrilla marketing
Activities in collaboration with influencers
Contextual ads and lead generation

Our cooperation with Generis was very fruitful. The results we received are mindblowing — +32% to trading volume and +44% of active users! The team offered a lot of interesting ideas and creative solutions. We were very happy with their work. Everything was done in time with proper quality. Thank you, Generis, for all the help!

active users
trading volume
NDA decentralized crypto exchange
Community Management
Influencer marketing

Always the best results! Generis covers all of our marketing needs: research, branding, end-to-end analytics etc. Generis brought 15k+ new users which is mind blowing for a DEX. We also reduced the cost of contextual advertising leads by 5 times with them. Generis did a tremendous job!

new active users
lowered the cost of leads from PPC
increased the trading volume
Virtual in-game marketplace

Generis was perfect for our brand new platform. All we knew was the fact that our market is very competitive, so it was amazing to find Generis. The team is highly-professional. They used their experience and skills in our branding, lead generation & influencer marketing. Thanks to the partnership, our trading volume grew by 4 times.

platform revenue
number of users
trading volume
NDA crypto exchange
Marketing for Retrodrop
Quest launch
Community management

Successful and pleasant partnership We have an in-house marketing team and we know what to expect and ask for. Our partnership with generis was very smooth, they stayed in touch 24/7 and made sure everything went as planned. Even the tight deadlines weren't a problem. Our team looks forward to working again.

of the KPI plan
Crypto acquiring service (NDA)
Go-To-Market Strategy

The team helped our project with b2b/b2c After finding the right strategy, we saw the results very early on. Generis did out PR, SEO, lead generation and helped us create educational materials for customers. Not everyone was ready to switch to crypto but we changed their mind! Our cooperation resulted in 5x in the number of clients. We will continue our joint work.

brand audience reach
number of clients
Ruslan Panchak
COO, WhiteList Zone
Go-To-Market Strategy

Generis left only a positive impression! Their experts know what they are doing. They deliver the best results and have no issues with communicating their plans and ideas. We had many opportunities to discuss their work personally and online. Generis displayed their high professional level. Great job and results!

Serg RSM
CEO, RSM-studio

The team helped us significantly improve the customer flow and always did the best they could. Generis never missed a deadline. We had lots of online meetings to ensure that we were on the same page. Overall, we had a very nice experience with Generis.

John Seltic
Software & Mobile Developer, GZ Studio

Our client was impressed with the level of professionalism of Generis. They created a strategy and offered new and fresh ideas. With the help of the agency, the project managed to hit the target order volume. Generis did their job timely and demonstrated great results.

Alexander Seiko
E Soft Standart

With Generis, we had no problems finding quality clients and workers for the project. We were always in touch with the team, who managed to cover all the needs, offered many creative ideas, and made sure that everything was going according to the workflow. Everything was done accurately and on time.

Job Title at NDA

Nice and professional team! Over a year of joint work - we are impressed! With Generis we keep the engagement up and the quality of leads continues to rise! Great to have a team with so much experience in our niche. We will continue to work with Generis!

Our Crypto Community Management Cases

The Generis team has successfully developed an influencer marketing strategy for the key players in the crypto market. We strictly protect privacy by not sharing any collaboration data unless specified.

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Our partners

The Generis Crypto Community Management Agency Team

Head of Marketing
Yaroslav %%Kalynychenko%%
Max %%Zenin%%
Business Development Manager
Bohdan %%Yurchenko%%
Lead Project Manager
Julia %%Shcherbyna%%

Other Services of Our Crypto
Community Moderation Agency

We offer a wide range of services, including SMM, influencer marketing, PR, web panel marketing, PPC, branding, and many more. We have a lot of experience in this area and know exactly what to do. However, we are always developing and finding new ways to deliver the best results to our clients. Contact us to find out more about other services and pick the ones you need most!

Cryptocurrency Community Management FAQs

What is crypto community management?

It is the process of building and maintaining a community across different channels. Every specialist knows that community is crucial for any project, and if you want it to be effective, simply creating a social media profile is not enough. Just look at competitors: they probably all have their community management in crypto on a very decent level. And those who don’t are most likely not that successful. Our team can make your audience feel welcome and ensure that it stays active and loyal as long as you need. Our crypto community management services include not only moderating the channels but also working on content, holding activities, creating the strategies that work, keeping track of analytics, reporting, etc. We can grow your project’s presence across the platforms. Contact us to find out more!

How much do our crypto community management services cost?

There is no universal answer to this question. Each project is unique, which is why we need to analyze it first. You can be sure that we are always looking for the most cost-effective solutions that bring you real results.

To correctly calculate the budget, our specialists analyze your current community as well as your needs and goals. These factors can also influence the price:

  • Your project’s niche 
  • Objectives and KPIs
  • Сrypto and social media platforms
  • Publication formats and frequency
  • The need to produce content to post

Our agency always focuses on the real interests of your audience. We work to retain and maintain the constant interest of real people who will use your products and services. It’s not just about numbers, it’s about the quality of your community. And we know all the rules, strategies, and lifehacks to achieve it.

Why should I order blockchain community management from your agency and not from an outsourced specialist?

The Generis agency has a large team that consists of specialists from various traditional and Web3 businesses. Each specialist is ready elevate your community management in the crypto and blockchain markets and has amazing skills and a deep understanding of the niche. We build clear communication within the team, and our processes are well-established. You wouldn’t have to worry about anything: we are doing everything, while our clients take care of the things that are important to them.

Do you provide cryptocurrency community management reports?

Of course, we provide regular reports on analytics and achievements. We also constantly monitor the statistics and promptly introduce changes if necessary. With us, you won’t just observe regular posting and communication with the community; we will make sure that your audience is active, engaged, and helps to move your project forward. 

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